Samsung is Not Happy Sith S21 Sales and Can Make Changes


Samsung: South Korean manufacturer Samsung is conducting a “special assessment” of the company’s mobile device division. The information is from The Elec website, which spoke with sources who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to the report, it is natural for the company to carry out a period of review of the strategies of each of the giants’ sectors every four or five years. However, the case of the segment of tablets and smartphones is special: the study was supposed to take place only in July this year, but was expanded to August.

What is happening?

The reasons for the expanded valuation are many and, in general, involve a lower-than-expected growth in sales — something that includes the recent drop in performance of the Galaxy S21 family and component supply issues, which would not only be due to the global crisis that affects all manufacturers, but also issues with partner MediaTek.

Furthermore, competition is increasingly fierce in the mobile sector. Chinese rival Xiaomi recently overtook Samsung, if only for a month, which should spark a warning in South Korea.

Another point of concern would be the performance below expectations in relation to 5G smartphones. It’s also worth remembering that Samsung changed the catalog’s plans and, in 2021, it won’t have a representative of the Galaxy Note line. Sought by the report, the brand did not officially comment on the matter.


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