Samsung is closing Galaxy Note line, insider says


On Wednesday (20), the well-known leak informer of Samsung Ice Universe suggested that the South Korean is, in fact, closing its Galaxy Note line. According to recent rumors, the company is integrating the main features of Note models in the Galaxy S line, prioritizing its foldable cell phone lines, such as the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip.

The informant’s Twitter post is brief and not at all subtle, composed of the words “Galaxy Note” and an image simulating the credits of a film saying “The End”, in English. Although succinct, the tweet gains relevance when considering the history of success of the Ice Universe rumors, especially when it comes to Samsung. In the comments, it is possible to check the immediate discontent of the fans of the line, with complaints that date from the Note 10 models and its Plus version.

Likewise, informant Mauri QHD recently stated that the Galaxy Note 21 line will not be launched, citing a “100% reliable” source in his Twitter post. Another indication that reinforces the rumor is the recent integration of the S Pen into the Galaxy S21 line, one of the main differences between the models. Samsung has yet to officially comment on the case.


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