Samsung introduces new sensors up to 108 MP for mobile


South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced new mobile photography sensors based on the 0.7 micrometer (µm) architecture. The company’s goal with the new components is to popularize capturing high definition images in more accessible models and still allow for bolder visuals on devices, as there is a slight saving in space.

The new sensors are ISOCELL HM2 (108 MP), ISOCELL GW3 (64 MP), ISOCELL GM5 (48 MP) and ISOCELL JD1 (32 MP). Of these, only the GM5 is still in the sampling phase, while the rest have already been sent for mass production.

Models with these components will be presented later in 2020 and are expected to appear mainly on several devices next year. In addition to the manufacturing architecture, they have also been enhanced in lighting capture.

Meet the family

The new sensor of 108 MP is the successor of the models HMX and HM1, being slightly smaller than these components and allowing a better detection of the autofocus. GW3 is specialized in capturing moving images, combining resolution, brightness and gyroscope-based image stabilization technologies, such as Tetracell and Smart-ISO. The GM5 can be used in ultra-wide or telescopic cameras (up to 5x zoom) with HDR support.

Finally, the JD1 is indicated for front-facing pop-up cameras or with holes in the screen, as it is economical in space and still maintains high resolution.


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