Samsung introduced Neo QLED TVs


South Korean technology giant Samsung continues to offer innovations to users with the devices it produces. With the live broadcast tonight, Samsung introduced its Neo QLED TVs and its remote control charged with solar energy.

Solar powered Samsung remote controls

Samsung announced its Neo QLED televisions and remote controls charged with solar energy with the live broadcast of The First Look 2021 tonight. There is a solar panel on the introduced remote control to be charged with solar energy. With this remote, Samsung will be able to prevent 99 million batteries annually from being wasted. Also, the entire new Samsung remote control is made from recycled plastic waste.

There are two models, QN900A and QN90A. New TVs feature new light sources called Quantum Mini LED. It also has a new Neo Quantum GPU specifically optimized for Neo QLED TVs.

The QN900A is almost without bezel in its model. This model with Infinity One design is a smart TV with 8K resolution. The QN90A model has 4K resolution. The only difference between the two TVs is the resolution. In addition, both TVs take advantage of features such as Samsung Health, Super Ultrawide GameView and Google Duo.

This new light source technology, called Quantum Mini LED, is one-forty thin unlike conventional LEDs. In the new Neo QLED TVs, a sound technology called Q-Symphony is used. With this sound technology, the speakers on the TV can make the most suitable sound setting for your room thanks to the sensors they contain. The speakers on the TV can work in sync with the Samsung sound bar. In this way, you get a deeper sound experience.

In the new Neo QLED TVs with Multi View feature, we can divide the screen into four. In addition, Samsung introduced the Samsung TV Plus application. With the Samsung TV Plus mobile application, you can project the image on your phone to any of the divided screens. With this application introduced, Samsung has also entered the internet publishing industry.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs can process images from four different devices on a single screen. In this way, you can connect four different game consoles to Neo QLED TV and use them at the same time.