Samsung increases production capacity in India


Apple has already shown its intention to make India its main production center. The Cupertino-based company’s biggest competitor, Samsung, seems to be in a similar preparation.

The South Korean company is preparing to shift a significant portion of its smartphone manufacturing capacity in Vietnam and other countries to India. The electronics giant, which plans to make India a production center, aims to produce devices worth $ 40 billion in this country in the next five years.

It is stated that Samsung shared its plans regarding the issue with the Indian government. It is also among the information that a significant part of the devices to be produced in the country will be exported outside of India.

About 50 percent of Samsung’s phones are made in Vietnam. The company has production facilities in Brazil, Indonesia and of course South Korea. Samsung is said to reduce its production capacity in its homeland South Korea due to high production costs.

Samsung is not alone in shifting weight to India in production. Apple, the biggest competitor of the South Korean company, has implemented a similar plan. Apple is said to have started iPhone 11 production at Foxconn’s factory in Chennai, India. It is stated that two other suppliers of Apple, Wistron and Pegatron, have also applied to benefit from the “Incentive Based on Production” program of the Indian government.

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