Samsung heir does not appeal sentence


Samsung’s heir, Jae Y. Lee, will not appeal the sentence of the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea, which sentenced him to two and a half years in prison in a retrial of a corruption and bribery case. The information was provided by the executive’s lawyer, in a press release released on Monday (25).

The sentence issued by the court sought to end a pending issue that has been going on since 2017, when the grandson of the founder of the South Korean multinational conglomerate was convicted of corruption and embezzlement in the scandal that precipitated the impeachment and imprisonment of former President Park Geun. -hye.

The official statement, which also represents Samsung’s position, is laconic: “Vice President Lee humbly accepts the decision and decided not to appeal,” according to the lawyer, Lee In-jae. This means that the current vice president of Samsung Electronics will not take any legal action to postpone the case.

According to the Yonhap news agency, the prosecution, which had initially requested nine years in prison against Lee, also announced that it would not appeal the sentence. As today (25) is the final date for filing appeals, if neither party submits any challenge by the end of the day, the verdict will be upheld and the sentence enforced.


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