Samsung Health just got a new update!


Samsung Health has recently received an update. The heart rate graph disappeared with the update. Here’s how to bring it back…


Samsung Health recently received a new update. At this point, an important feature of the application has been removed. The continuous heart rate chart is currently off. However, if you are using this feature on your Galaxy watch, there is a way to get it back.

A Reddit user noticed the change. If you turned on the heart rate monitoring feature and set it to measure within a certain range, it means that you can no longer see the data here. Instead, the app now shows time bars for average, minimum, and maximum heart rate. The company did not make any official statement about why it removed the chart.

It is unclear why the graphic was removed from Samsung Health.

This change emerged with the release of the Samsung Health app. If you are using the previous version of the application, you may not have encountered such a situation. Recently, a Samsung Customer Service Manager made a statement on the subject. He confirmed that the graphic was intended to be removed, although he did not provide any justification.

Customer Service Manager made a statement

Samsung Customer Service Manager said, “To let you know, we have an update to our health app. Samsung Health’s continuous heart rate disappearance has been a built-in feature of the app’s latest updates. In this case, I regret that you cannot change it back to a continuous graphic, as the update is already installed on your device.”

There is a way to get the continuous heart rate chart back. In this context, you can uninstall the latest version of the Samsung Health application from your phone and install the APK of the old version. However, we do not recommend doing this. Because let me point out that it is not a safe method.

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