Samsung Has Renewed The Interface Of The SmartThings App


Samsung SmartThings has renewed the user interface of the smart home application. Samsung, which previously preferred gray and earth tones in the interface, is turning to fresher and more vivid colors with the new interface. The new interface will first meet users on Android, and then it will be brought to iOS.

At the center of the old interface were the rooms. Users could assign their smart devices to different rooms. The new interface focuses on five areas.

  • Favorites: In this section, which will serve as a new home screen, users will be able to see the devices and scenarios (scheduled routines) they use most frequently.
  • Devices: A list of all connected smart devices will be visible.
  • Life: Samsung’s add-on services such as “SmartThings Cooking” will be accessible.
  • Automations: From this section, it will be possible to create automation processes or organize existing ones.
  • Menu: Everything else will be included here. Notifications, settings, and device history will appear here.

Details about the Samsung SmartThings app are limited to this for now. The renewal of SmartThings is important as it shows that Samsung has not forgotten the platform.