Samsung Has Already Protected its Phones From The Serious Vulnerability of Qualcomm


Samsung: Last week we told you about the serious security problem that the Qualcomm company had had. A vulnerability in one of its modems that caused that, due to the widespread use of Qualcomm components by the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers, no less than 30% of all mobile phones in the world were in danger for months. In fact, there are surely still them, but Samsung’s are not among them.

Qualcomm vulnerability

The company Check Point Research found the failure on October 8, 2020, and sent it to Qualcomm, which after investigating it with its experts confirmed the problem on October 15, but it was not until May 6, 2021, when all this was made public.

According to Qualcomm, the vulnerability was patched in December 2020 and sent to mobile manufacturers that month, and many of these “have already sent the relevant security updates for their users”, adding that “there is no specific evidence that the vulnerability discovered by Check Point is being used. ”

Samsung Galaxy are protected

Since brands had known about this dangerous vulnerability since December, Samsung was among the first to get down to work to fix them. According to an official statement from the Koreans:

“Samsung has been releasing patches for selected affected Samsung devices since January 2021.

Although several Samsung devices have already been patched as of January 2021, most Samsung devices with an Android security patch level of May 1, 2021 or later, will be considered protected from the disclosed vulnerability. Samsung encourages all users to ensure that their devices are updated once the patch is available for the devices. ”

Therefore, if you have a Samsung Galaxy, it is very likely that it has been updated against the Qualcomm exploit since January, but if not, look for the update ‘Android Security Patch Level of May’ and install it to stay definitely calm. To do this, enter Settings> About Phone, and look for the option to update the software.

Relax at least until another company screw it up again and we have another scare of these, which lately are all too common.


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