Samsung Hacked and All Confidential Data Shared on the Internet: So How Can You Protect Yourself?


This time, Samsung was the target of Lapsus$, which cyberattacked NVIDIA and caused the company to lose 1TB of data.

Like countries, corporate companies continue to be the target of cyber attacks. Many companies interrupt their production due to cyber attacks, experience difficulties in user access, and leak the information of their employees or users. Unfortunately, there are many examples of this and a new one is added to these news almost every day.

According to the latest information, Samsung was the last victim of these cyber attacks. Cyber ​​attackers infiltrating the servers of the Korean technology giant also managed to seize critical information about the ‘privacy’ of users’ phones.

Many source codes have been leaked, including Samsung’s unlocking algorithms

According to the cyber-attack report published by Samsung, along with a lot of confidential data, Samsung’s secret source code was also leaked. The Lapsus$ group claimed responsibility for the attack, in which Samsung lost nearly 190 GB of data. The group proved they had the data by sharing a screenshot of the data they captured. Not long after publishing this image, Lapsus$ split the files into three files and leaked them online.

The leaked data includes software used for fingerprint and facial recognition, the source code for phone booting for all new Samsung devices, Qualcomm’s secret source code, software that controls Samsung accounts, including APIs and services, and much more. Unfortunately, all of this data has now been leaked to the online world.

So what will happen?

Lapsus$, which recently attacked one of the world’s largest video card manufacturers and seized important source codes by attacking NVIDIA, made some demands in response to the 14 GTA V-sized file it seized. This time, however, the attackers did not make any demands.

From this point on, Samsung needs to detect the leaked data and close any potential vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Because for your data, there are vital data that can cause dozens of different openings, from your Samsung account to decrypting your phone. There is even data on how to bypass Knox, known as Samsung’s most secure system, among these data.

How can you protect your phone and information?

Currently, the best move Samsung users can make is to change the password of their Samsung account, not to give their passwords and phones to other people, and to ensure the security of their phones. It is useful to think twice, especially when downloading applications from the Google Play Store and other sources. Because it’s only a matter of time before the leaked files are captured by a hacker and used against you.

We hope that Samsung will take the necessary steps to quickly compensate for this victimization of its users. Otherwise, we may witness many phones being hacked in the coming days.