Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 S Pen Patent Revealed


New evidence has emerged that Samsung’s new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with Z Pen support. It is also stated that the S Pen of the Z Fold3 will be similar to that of the Galaxy Note20.

A new information has emerged about the new device of Samsung, Galaxy Fold3, which continues its insistent work on a foldable smartphone. Accordingly, Galaxy Fold3 will also have S Pen support.

One of the clearest proofs of Galaxy Fold3’s S Pen support came from Let’s Go Digital. The Netherlands-based blog revealed the South Korean tech giant’s patent at the World Intellectual Property Office. According to the patent, the S Pen slot will be located on the lower right of the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with S Pen support

In addition, according to the information revealed in the patent, the S Pen of Z Fold3 will be the same size as the Galaxy Note20. In the previous reports, it was stated that the Fold3 will be different from the Note20’s pen and will have Active Electrostatic (AES) digitizer technology.

The reason behind Samsung considering using AES technology was that a single sensor was sufficient for pen and touch input. In this way, it became more suitable for foldable screens. In Galaxy Note series, Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology is used, which does not require an external power supply.

Although the electromagnetic resonance needle is pointed out in the patent, the patent being filled in April is shown as the reason for this. Samsung has started to focus on AES technology more recently. It is also rumored that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with ultra-thick glass.

In addition, there are rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will be Samsung’s first phone to come with an under-screen camera. It is also said that Samsung intends to make the Z series its main flagship.


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