Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 hinge structure details


Samsung’s new foldable phone Galaxy Z Fold2 was introduced very recently. Have you ever wondered how the powerful hinge structure of the Z Fold2, which comes before us with its advanced features, design and camera, works? With a video released, the hinge structure of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is detailed. Here, the questions in the minds of those who are curious about the hinge structure of the phone, from mechanical assembly to the material used, are answered.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 hinge structure

Especially in foldable phones, the most important thing is definitely the screen and hinge structure. While the screen needs to be flexible and resistant to folding, the hinge structure must also be durable against opening and closing.

As such, some special mechanics used in these phones are important. Samsung shared a video for this hinge structure, which is also curious by many. Here are some details about the hinge structure of the phone.

There were problems with Samsung’s first foldable phone, so the company seems to have really worked on the development of this hinge structure. Because while strengthening the hinge structure of the phone, it also made the phone more solid.

The magnetic structure on the Hideway hinge used in the phone allows the phone to remain upright and prevents it from being folded accidentally when opened. Different points are also mentioned in the video explaining this technology, which is called “Dual CAM Mechanism”.

Sweeper technology is also featured on the phone. Thanks to this technology, a durable and flexible structure is used to prevent dust or other small particles from entering the device.

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