Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: new patents appear


Samsung is one of the most prominent companies in the world of smartphones. Its proposal to have terminals that cover all segments allows it to be very competitive at all levels, including those where there are not many rivals yet. In fact, he knows this from the arrival of the new folding terminals, where it seems that he has new plans to create a folding terminal in three parts.

Samsung gives its smartphones a twist

Smartphones have evolved a lot in the last two years. We are not only talking about a significant growth in the size of the devices, not even about internal improvements at the processor level, telecommunications or even the cameras with which photos and videos are recorded. We get into the field of design, where we have to talk about folding smartphones.

Samsung knows a lot about these types of terminals, but still wants to surprise the public with new inventions. The last idea they want to draw attention to has to do with the new patent it has filed for a three-part folding phone. According to the report echoed by Sammobile, the terminal is presented as an elongated device and folds in a zigzag. That is, the central part is the one that presents the folds to the sides in such a way that one part is above it and another just below.

What is not clear is the functionality of the device. That is, the patent shows a terminal that stretched has full use of the screens, but when it is folded, which are the ones that continue to work and how? In addition, there are two holes at one end of one of the screens, something that makes the intention of putting cameras on the terminal clear, but the questions return as to whether they will be the only ones they have and whether that is the back or the front.

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It is not the first concept like this

As you can see, there are many doubts about the future of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Most likely, this idea will have a future version that shows how this device works, but for now it looks somewhat convoluted. On the other hand, we have to remember that it is not the only idea of ​​a device folded into three sections as we have seen in the TLC or even ZTE models that we mentioned this year. We will have to wait to learn more about them.


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