Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with ‘invisible camera’


Invisible cameras, located under the smartphone screen, may be increasingly closer to Samsung devices. A leak suggests that the South Korean giant is preparing the ground for the launch of a flagship with UPC technology (acronym for under panel camera), already implemented by the company in notebooks.

The source, known for assertive predictions in recent years, according to the BGR, indicates that the most likely candidate to receive the novelty is the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3, because, with the evolution of the device, the movement would occur naturally.

As a curiosity, the initial generation received improvements in the notch of selfie lenses through screen perforation. Therefore, inserting the capture element in this space and covering it with an external display would achieve the objective.

In case of damage to image quality, one of the biggest obstacles to manufacturers joining the UPC, alternatives would certainly be available to the user, since the Z Fold 2, for example, carries two front cameras. Soon, one of them could perfectly be found on the outside

Natural movement

A smooth transition of the type indicates that Samsung would be happy with the technology, “paying to see” whether it will, in fact, work as expected. As for the problem of UPC cameras having to capture light with the interference generated by the display covering them, artificial intelligence techniques would guarantee good results for the generation of computational photography.

Finally, it cannot be disregarded that other devices from the company itself have similar solutions, giving strong indications that it will not stop here, not least because competitors, such as ZTE, are already placing their bets or about to enter this market.

Anyway, only time will tell if the rumor really matches what will come to the shelves around the world.