Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, flexible mode


The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has been one of the sensations of the moment at the beginning of this month of August. The terminal wastes power, quality and innovation everywhere, but for many it is still rare to work with a screen that folds in half. The truth is that its applications are many and some of them will surprise you when you see the video that we show you about the flexible mode of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

This is how the Galaxy Z Fold 2 behaves when bending

Flip phones are at the forefront of design and functionality in the world of telephony. It is true that until these reach the popular prices will take a long time, so we will have to wait. Meanwhile, those few who can enjoy this terminal are the only ones who have in their hands the ability to test all its virtues. And that we are going to talk about today when you see the video that we leave you below.

One of the latest models to hit the market is the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Korean company knows how to move in this segment and has listened to users to bring a flag terminal. But we have to see how the device behaves when it is bent, one of the moments in which few have touched a terminal of these characteristics.

Where the use of the flexible screen has been noted has been in the part of the camera. The application behaves differently depending on the angle, although they are small details that allow you to always use the terminal in the most efficient way. In its full range, you will see in the center all the information that the terminal captures through the lenses, but leaves two pillars on the sides to choose the different options of the terminal, the shutter, the switch to the selfie camera and access to the gallery.

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If the closing angle is 90º, the terminal will show you what it captures in the back with the traditional spaces for camera tools. But the split screen is not wasted, since in it you will have access to the gallery that will always be operational. These characteristics are made in a vertical position and the screen can also be split even if it is 100% deployed.

But what happens if the terminal is held horizontally and closed? The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 takes advantage of this position to reposition everything. Specifically, it divides the screen into three sections. That’s right: the top screen shows what the camera sees while the bottom is the gallery in one half and the controls in the other.


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