Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: a great price


There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the most innovative smartphones of recent years. Currently, this piece of new technology history can be found for an excellent price thanks to an offer at Rakuten.

If we had to name a smartphone that marked the year 2020 with its innovative side, it would undoubtedly be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The powerful smartphone has indeed generated a real hype around its release, and has remained one of the most popular foldable smartphone models on the market ever since. So popular, moreover, that direct competition seems to be inspired by it … Its only problem was its price when it was marketed: by asking consumers for more than € 1300, it seemed obvious that it was not going to become massively popular. Fortunately, now it can be found for a better price at Rakuten.

Thus, rather than having to pay more than 1300 € to get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, we can now find it at the price of 805 € at Rakuten. A discount of more than 500 € on its base price which will allow hesitant to finally be able to embark on the purchase of this extremely innovative model and still as relevant today. In addition, you can lower this price further by taking advantage of promo codes or a cashback at Rakuten at this address. And if you’re looking for a more classic smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is also available for a good price here.


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