Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G has a more powerful processor


5 months ago, in a month of February that now looks very distant and in which the Coronavirus was something that only pertained to China, Samsung released its Galaxy Z Flip, the second flexible mobile in its history and, for many from analysts, the best folding mobile in the (still scarce) sub-market so far for these terminals.

Now, in the middle of summer, the company surprises us this Wednesday with the unexpected announcement of a new improved version.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

At first glance, this new model seems the same as the previous one, although the addition of the ‘5G’ in its name already makes clear one of its novelties: support for the new mobile navigation speed standard. But what about the rest? Where are the news? Well, they are more than they certainly seem.

We start with the most striking, because the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is the first Samsung Galaxy device that incorporates the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G 8-core processor with a maximum speed of 3.09Ghz, which maximizes 5G power with accelerated performance to offer a faster and more efficient graphic rendering and rendering. The Z Flip model from 5 months ago mounted the Snapdragon 855+ chipset.

The other innovations are based on an improved user experience with the new Flex functions that the device provides. Let’s list them:

Flex mode

If you have the device open at a 90º angle and placed on a surface, the screen is automatically divided into two 4-inch screens so you can see the content in the upper half of the screen and the operating interface in the lower half.

YouTube with Flex mode
While YouTube video plays on the top half of your phone, Flex mode allows you to browse, read descriptions, and comment on the bottom half. In addition, the mobile comes with 4 months of YouTube Premium for free for an uninterrupted experience.

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Updating the camera with Flex mode
Shooting from high and low angles is now even easier with the Galaxy Z Flip. Whether you want to capture low-angle action videos or bird’s-eye photos of your food, simply double-tap in Flex mode to switch the camera preview window from the top half to the bottom half of the device, to view the target from the top or bottom screen.

Multitask effortlessly with the multi-window using the multi-window tray to drag and drop the applications you want to use.

App Pair
Open and access two apps at once using the Pair of apps in the Multi Window Tray, so when you’re ready to share photos with a friend, your Gallery and Messaging apps will open simultaneously.

Multi-window tray
The multi-window tray is now part of an improved Edge Panel integration for added convenience, providing access to more applications.

Currently only in the United States
The rest of the specifications, from the screen to the cameras, are the same as the original model. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G will be available from August 7 in the United States at $ 1,449 -the standard model came out in February at 1,500 euros in Spain-, but at the moment there are no indications that we will see it in Europe or Asia.

Although it is possible that the Z Flip 5G is part of the event that Samsung will celebrate in 2 weeks, its new Galaxy Unpacked in which it will present 5 devices, one of them “a new flexible smartphone” that could be either the next Fold , or this Galaxy Z Flip 5G that we just met.


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