Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: What Has Changed From The Previous Model?


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The wave of smart watches has taken over the market. In Brazil, Samsung stands out with its models with classic style, but innovative functions. The brand recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which arrives offering more storage and more features than its previous version.

For you to understand the changes and know better the new Samsung launch, we made a comparison of it with the previous model, the Galaxy Watch 3 LTE. So, you will find out which is the best Smartwatch 2021 among Samsung models. Check out:


Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the Watch 4 feature a shape very similar to traditional wristwatches. The case is round, made of stainless steel, with a rotating ring that supports around the touchscreen: rotating, the user can access the device’s functionalities in a practical way.

The Galaxy Watch 4, in turn, is lighter, as it has a silicone bracelet. This version has a design more like the older Galaxy models, in which the functions are accessed via the touchscreen and with only two side buttons – start and back.


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