Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 REVIEW: REDEMPTION


Galaxy Watch 4 is the latest and most up-to-date version of Samsung’s smartwatch, which was already one of the best smartwatches for anyone using Android smartphones. And in addition to being launched in two sizes in this model, which has the digital crown for navigation, it also came with two more sizes in the Classic variant, which has the physical crown and more traditional watch face.

Among the new features, the highlight of this generation is the sensor that Samsung is calling BioActive, which basically allows the watch to make the same type of measurement as a bioimpedance scale, those that can tell not only your weight, but also what is your percentage of body fat and skeletal muscle mass. This is a really cool feature and I haven’t seen it on another watch until now, but it does have some limitations and points to improve that I noticed now that I’ve spent a week with Watch 4.

Also, it brings a new version of Samsung’s operating system, this time based on Google’s Wear OS, which helps in the redemption of many little problems I’ve seen in the past generation. I’m going to give you all the details about him now and talk more about it all, so come with me!


In the design, you can say that Samsung brings a very well finished set, but that it doesn’t reinvent the wheel. The body is metal, the display glass is straight, and the strap is a rubber with a smooth finish so as not to cause irritation. All very well finished and beautiful, at least in my opinion.

On the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung offers two size options, which it says are 40 or 44 mm, but which are actually rounding up from 39.3 or 43.3 mm respectively. On the Classic, which is the model with the physical crown – and which I particularly find more beautiful – the options are 42 or 46 mm. Again, rounding. The model I tested is the 44mm, and I feel an obligation to warn that people with very thin wrists probably won’t be able to use this option and the larger Classic one. In myself this one fit right on the edge.

Aside from the crown, the difference is that the Classic has a stainless steel body, while the basic Watch 4 is aluminum and the rubber strap has slightly different details. Both are water resistant certified for pressures up to 5 ATM, so you can use while swimming without a hitch.

On the side we have only two buttons, the top one is the Home key and the bottom one the Back key. Press Home once to go back to the main watch face, and in the paired smartphone app you can choose what happens by quickly pressing twice or holding the button. By default, these actions are configured respectively to go back to the last app opened and to open Bixby.

By the way, the assistant now works in Portuguese on the watch and is responding faster, so that’s another thing that Samsung has improved a lot compared to Watch 3.

The Back key has the obvious function of going back to the previous screen by pressing once, but you can also configure in the app to open your list of recent apps instead. By holding this button, the watch opens Samsung Pay.


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