Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 updated: Health


A new ECG update has been released for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This smart watch, which was recently disassembled in iFixit, was introduced at the UNPACKED event. What features does the tiny member of the Galaxy family have?

What does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ECG update offer?

Accompanying the trio of Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus, Galaxy Watch 3 was crowned with ECG certification by the US Food and Drug Administration. The new software takes up only 80MB.

Labeled “R840XXU1BTG6 / R840OXA1BTG6”, there are 4 main features in this update. Galaxy Watch 3 will now check how effectively your respiratory system delivers the oxygen you breathe into the bloodstream.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 EKG güncellemesi

It is stated that this feature is not yet ready for Algeria, Angola, Canada, France, Iran, Japan, Libya, South Africa and Thailand. Apart from that, the South Korean smartwatch will also track your running pace and will give you some advice about your running pace if necessary.

The feature named VO2max will examine the maximum amount of oxygen you use during your exercise to increase your endurance. Finally, let’s say that the Galaxy Watch 3 model will track your sleep and measure the quality of your sleep.

ECG, which stands for electrocardiography, examines how the neural communication system and heart muscle work. Thus, the electrical activities in the heart can be recorded. Problems such as heart diseases or rhythm disturbances can be detected with this method.

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