Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 disassembled


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 iFixit video was presented to the users. The South Korean company’s newest smartwatch disassembled. Is this flagship accessory easy to repair?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 iFixit video here

People who are inclined to repair work might like this model. According to iFixit, repairing the Galaxy Watch 3 is almost as easy as the Galaxy Buds headset, but the components used in this watch are extremely small.

In this context, disassembling and reinstalling the watch battery can force people who are inexperienced in repair. The South Korean watch, which can be easily opened, requires the assistance of people experienced in disassembly and repair.

Accessing the battery with the screen is quite simple. Also, there are no overlapping cables on the watch and no glue used for the rear compartment. In this context, it is effortless to remove the back of the watch.

Damage to the three-hole screw used in the Galaxy Watch 3 model extends the repair process. Because this screw is not common and can only be obtained by special order.

Samsung’s new smartwatch can measure the oxygen level in the blood and detect the rate of oxygen consumed during exercise. Also, let’s say that he can measure blood pressure.

Apart from that, let’s say that iFixit gives the Galaxy Watch 3’s repairability feature 7 out of 10. If you wish, let us leave you with the relevant video without further ado. We are waiting your comments. Have a good time.

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