Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Filtered Its Features And Versions


Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: In the world of tablets we find many options to choose from. All major brands have a proposal, but at this point in the year consumers are thinking more about choosing one than waiting for a new model to come out. But there are always surprises that let us see the progress of the different companies, such as the last leak in which the different versions of the Galaxy Tab S8 have been seen.

Filtered the first data of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The Samsung Galaxy S series is not just reserved for phones. The company has its own line of tablets by this name, which are the best it can offer in terms of design, space, and performance. There are many who already know its benefits and the Korean firm does not give up to give everyone the best of its versions. So far, the S7 version is the one that reigns in the market, but the company already has its eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

The proof of this is the filtration shown by PhoneArena, where you can see a table that shows all the versions of the tablet that are to come. We will have three versions: the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 + and Tab S8 Ultra. Each of them will have a variant that differs between being a purely WiFi model and an LTE compatible with SIM cards.

Differences between the models according to the graph

There are different novelties that can be seen in the graphics of the Galaxy Tab S8. We found that the different devices that are LTE have compatibility with nothing less than 5G networks, something to consider when choosing between the basic model, the S8 + and the S8 Ultra. And the thing is that here we have a difference and that is that the Ultra is the only one that is left behind with the 4G, although this does not have to throw you back if what you are looking for is extra space.

It turns out that for the largest version of the company we have versions of all types of storage ranging from 128, 256 to 512 GB. They are good, very wide figures designed for all those who need extra space and do not want to complicate buying an external memory.

As far as dimensions are concerned, we will have devices ranging from 11 and 12.4 to 14.6 inches on their screens if we go in the order in which we have divided them previously. This is a huge change, and we would already talk about tablets with the same or more screen than many computers on the market.