Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3: new tablet is coming


It’s a fact that more and more hardware companies are making more rugged devices. Drops may still be a pending issue, but water and dust are no longer a problem with current IP certifications. And today we have to talk about the latest Samsung tablet: the Galaxy Tab Active 3 that holds everything.

This is the new Galaxy Tab Active 3

You may not know it, but Samsung has a variety called Active that shows great robustness. We have seen it both in smartphones and tablets, which it gives a much more solid structure. Of course, more toughness means losing other capabilities such as aesthetics or going back to the past with some functions such as the presence of buttons on the front.

But let’s go in order: the Galaxy Tab Active 3 is made of an anti-shock cover that allows it to withstand falls without suffering a scratch on its sides. It will also protect the 8-inch screen which is made up of an LCD panel. It will have many frames, which allows it to have three buttons at the bottom that we are used to having in the digital version on the most modern phones. In its rear part, don’t expect a great camera either, since the one it has is no less than 13 MPX and a 5 MPX front one.

Inside this device we will find a processor of the house encrypted as Exynos 9810. It will be accompanied by a configuration of 4 GB in its RAM memory along with 128 GB of storage expandable by microSD. Among other features we find a 5,050 mAh battery that has two curiosities: the first is that it connects via USB C to charge, the second is that it is replaceable. This second feature is very interesting since you don’t see devices with a removable battery by the user.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that the Galaxy Tab Active 3 is a tablet that includes support for the S Pen, which can be placed on top of the device thanks to a small case. It will also have fingerprint recognition on one of the front buttons, a faster and more personal unlocking method.


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