Samsung Galaxy S8 will No Longer Receive Updates


Samsung Galaxy S8: Every year that passes we see new mobiles in all segments of this sector. It is precisely the highest-end ones that are the most anticipated despite their price, which is usually high but provides all the best of the firm in terms of performance and design. But in the end, with each upgrade the older models are left behind even in support, something that will soon happen to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Your Galaxy S8 will no longer receive updates

One of the things that every user should know about their mobile is that sooner or later it will become obsolete. This is a no-brainer, of course, especially if we talk in the hardware section. With each passing year we see better cameras, more powerful processors and screens that are better seen by technology.

But the important thing about any terminal is not only the components, so are all the updates it receives from the developer. Unfortunately for all users these improvements are not available forever and the companies reserve the right to introduce them according to which models. This is, in essence, what will soon happen to users of a Samsung Galaxy S8 that will not receive any further updates.

We are at a time when three generations have already passed over this version. This translates into three years in which the Korean firm and Google have supplied their terminals with two versions of Android with its customization layer that has gone from Android 7 to 9. This is not to mention the successive security updates that usually endure up to four years.

I have a Galaxy S8, does something happen if I keep using it?

This may be the doubt of many when they learn that their Samsung Galaxy S8 will stop updating. The truth is that you can use it as you did until now since the terminal will work without any problem. The problem lies in the software in this case, although as you can see the Korean firm has provided almost four years of updates to what was its flagship in all its versions.

If your device works there would be no apparent reason to change it, although you may not be so sure when browsing the Internet or downloading apps. For that reason, you could consider the possibility of getting a new terminal, since in this way your data will be kept safe with continuous security patches.


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