Samsung Galaxy S8 can also run Windows 10 full


Windows 10 optimizations for ARM-based systems started a wave of installation of the operating system on smartphones. After Xiaomi Mi 6 appeared running the OS, it was time for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to show up working with the Microsoft platform.

The person responsible for putting Windows 10 on the Galaxy S8 is a developer identified on Twitter as “Evsio0n”. During a series of tests performed with the phone, the programmer managed to install the operating system on the Samsung phone and shared an image of the OS configuration window on the device and the boot happening.

Like the Mi 6, the Galaxy S8 has the Snapdragon 835 processor, a model used in certain ARM-based computers running Windows 10. In addition to the chip having several optimizations aimed at the operating system, Microsoft recently solved a problem of memory present in the OS, which made life easier for developers.

According to Tech Radar, there are already reports that Windows 10 can also be installed and used on other phones equipped with Snapdragon 835, such as OnePlus 6. In addition, the website points out that even Mi Mix 2S, equipped with the Snapdragon 845, could also be used with Microsoft’s system.

While smartphones bring a high-end Snapdragon chip and enough RAM to support the installation of the system and even “.exe” programs, the lack of support still causes problems during use. As a result, the touch screen, sensors and cameras are inoperable with Windows 10 installed on the phone.

That is, Microsoft’s operating system installations on smartphones still have an experimental tone and the recommendation is that ordinary users do not look for ways to put Windows 10 on their cell phone, even if this is technically possible.