Samsung Galaxy S22: Conceptual Video Shows Phone Details


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is slated for early 2022, but it seems fans can’t wait any longer. Recently, YouTube channel Technizo Concept put together a concept video showing the supposed cellphone — using recent rumors as a basis. The material was produced by fans, as Samsung has not yet shown the official design or confirmed the release of the product.

what the speculations say

The smartphone’s finish is very similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the video justifies the front camera notched on the screen by saying, “It seems too early for a camera under the display.” Recent rumors claim that the company chose not to use the technology in the S22 line because the quality of the images was not satisfactory.

At the rear of the device, we see the revamped four-camera system. Supposedly, it will feature a 200 MP main sensor made in partnership with Olympus, an ultra-wide, a telephoto and a continuous zoom periscope-shaped sensor. This assumption is in line with recent leaks that show a great evolution in the line’s cameras.

The video also highlights a fan system that would be responsible for keeping the temperature of the Exynos 2200 chip stable — which is perhaps a guess at the recent Exynos 2100 overheating issues.

The production, carried out in collaboration with the Lets Go Digital portal, is the evolution of a concept video of the same product published in March. The YouTube channel is known for creating these device renderings based on speculation or just interesting ideas.


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