Samsung Galaxy S21 will not have a charger in the box


Samsung should even follow the trend of selling a cell phone without a charger in the box, already adopted by Apple and Xiaomi, even after poking Apple for the strategy. The promotional material for the Galaxy S21 series leaked by the WinFuture website on Tuesday (12) indicates that the new flagship of the South Korean giant will have the accessory available separately.

According to the images published by the publication, the smartphone will be accompanied in the box only by a USB-C data cable, an ejection pin to open the SIM card tray and a quick start guide with instructions for using the device. And nothing more.

Another absence noted in the material is the lack of mention of the presence of headphones, which are usually offered together with the brand’s phones. That is, probably the S21 will also come without this accessory, leaving the user to purchase it separately (the Galaxy Buds Pro will be launched at the same presentation event as the cell phone).

It is not yet known what strategy will be adopted by Samsung to circumvent the absence of the power adapter. Xiaomi, for example, offered the charger optionally to buyers of the Mi 11 at no additional cost, while in the case of the iPhone 12 the user needs to buy it separately.

Expandable storage may also be missing

In other official leaked material, the publication suggests that the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra variants will not have a microSD card slot, without the possibility of expanding internal storage, something already explored in recent rumors.

In the images (see the tweet below), the company presents the models with storage options of up to 512 GB and comments that it is not necessary to be deleting files frequently, not to mention any alternative for expanding the memory externally.


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