Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Full Details


Details about the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will be Samsung’s new flagship model, continue to emerge. The next generation version of the S20 family, which includes Samsung’s flagship models in 2020, is already looking forward to the S21 family. In this content, we take a closer look at all the details about the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung wants to continue its success with the S20 family and especially the S20 Ultra with the new generation Galaxy S21 family and Galaxy S21 Ultra. In the S21 family to be pioneered by the Galaxy S21 Ultra, we will most likely see the S21, S21 + and S21 FE models like the S20.

The S20 Ultra, which Samsung has really raised the bar to a high point, is not yet a technologically outdated model. However, we can say that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will offer a superior experience in terms of both performance and design with new model processors and some additional technologies that will be released in 2021. If you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at the details of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What will Samsung’s new Galaxy S series phones be named after?

As you know, Samsung named the Galaxy S series models to be the latest S10 using consecutive numbers until 2020. In 2020, there was a direct transition from S10 to S20 and the series was restarted. For this reason, it is thought that Samsung will give the Galaxy S family the name S30 in 2021.

But he still claims that a large mass phone will be called the S21. In addition, according to the information published on LetsGoDigital, it is said that the new generation flagship phones will be named S21 by Samsung. Of course, we cannot give the correct answer until an official information is released.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra design:
Bigger camera module
Metal chassis and glass back

When we look at the leaked render images, we can see that Samsung has magnified the protruding camera module used in the controversial S20 series. However, in the S21 Ultra, this module is covered by the upper left corner of the phone, unlike the previous series. In this way, the camera module is generally more intertwined with the case of the phone instead of staying like an island in the back. In addition, since the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have more cameras than its previous version, the size of the camera module increases by one click.

Before moving to the front of the phone; We can say that the general skeleton of the S21 Ultra will be made of metal and the back surface of glass is among the leaked information. When we look at the front of the phone, a very high screen-to-body design welcomes us. At the top of the screen is a classic selfie camera hole. The color options of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are listed as silver and black.

What will the cameras of Galaxy S21 Ultra be like?

Main lens: 108 MP
Ultra wide angle lens: 12 MP
Telephoto lens (3x Zoom): 10 MP
Telephoto lens (10x Zoom): 10 MP
Front camera: 40 MP

In the design part of the phone, we mentioned that the camera module of the S21 Ultra will be quite large. The reason for this is that the quad Quad camera system will be used in the S21 Ultra. When we look closely at the four lenses to be found on the back, we see that Samsung does not exceed 150 MP in the main lens as it is thought. Instead, a 108 MP main lens is used, as in the S20. However, this lens will be the second-generation version of the lens used in the S20 family and will perform better than the previous version in terms of both the use of artificial intelligence and the quality of the pixels.

In addition to the main lens, we see that the S21 Ultra will have two different telephoto lenses. The main reason for this can be considered as increasing the zoom performance. Our ultra-wide angle lens, which will support our main lens, will have most of the features of the main lens. Both lenses will be able to switch between 30 and 60 FPS depending on the light change during recording; It will have dual recording mode, enhanced night mode, moon mode and more manual setting options.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will take advantage of the power of new generation processors:

When we look at the performance that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can offer, the most important detail that we come across is that the phone will be powered by the new generation processors. Samsung’s own 5 nm Exynos 2100 processor seems to be used in models to be sold in our country. The S21 Ultra to be sold in some other countries, including the USA, and the 5G models of the series are expected to be powered by the newly released Snapdragon 888 processor. Snapdragon 888, which will be the indispensable of the flagships that will be released in 2021, will come to the fore with the 5G connection quality it offers.

When we look at the other details of the Galaxy S21 Ultra that arise in terms of hardware, it is stated that the phone will have 128/256/512 GB storage options. Again, according to the specified information, RAM will appear as 12 GB in each version. In addition, we regret that with the S21 Ultra, MicroSD support is expected to be removed. Finally, when we look at the battery, a 5000 mAh battery and 45 W fast charging support meet us.

What kind of screen will the Galaxy S21 Ultra come with?

The new S21 Ultra will come with a 6.8-inch screen, while the previous version has a 6.9 inch screen. But the 0.1 inch difference is really small in use. When we look at the screen of the S21 Ultra, this 6.8-inch screen is expected to be AMOLED. In addition, the screen of the S21 Ultra will be in WQHD + quality and will have an adaptive 120 Hz refresh rate.

In addition to all these, the main points that distinguish the S21 Ultra from other phones of the S21 family are that it has a curved screen design and comes with S Pen support. Although the S21 Ultra is not expected to come with the S Pen, it will be a huge plus to have S Pen support. In addition, the fact that the model has S Pen support indicates that it will work with other Stylus devices.

When will the Galaxy S21 Ultra be on sale and what will be the price?

Samsung announces its Galaxy S series phones generally in February. However, a Samsung store in India announced that the S21 family will be introduced at the UNPACKED event on January 14. According to this information, the S21 Ultra will also be introduced on January 14, 2021 and will most likely be available in March 2021.

The price range for the Samsung S21 Ulta is $ 1250-1299, lower than the previous year. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was available in 2020 with a price tag of $ 1,350. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it is expected that the S21 Ultra will be sold at the same price as the S20 Ultra, as Apple did with the iPhone 12 family.

We have come to the end of our content where we compiled the details about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. If the information revealed is correct, we will soon be able to access more and more official information about the S21 family. What do you think about Galaxy S21 Ultra? Do you think it will be a noticeable difference from the S20 Ultra? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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