Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra falls behind Galaxy S20 Ultra


DxOmark, who published the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, announced that the device has a worse camera than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This interesting result caused controversy regarding DxOmark.

DxOmark, which tests and scores the cameras of popular smartphones and compares them with competitors, shared the review and camera score of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung’s most powerful smartphone available. According to DxOmark, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a complete disappointment with the camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with Exynos processor has achieved 121 points as a result of DxOmark’s tests. So what does this score mean? Even the top-tier flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra, which Samsung announced earlier last year, managed to get 126 points from DxOmark. In other words, according to DxOmark, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a worse camera than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S21 Ultra’s two telephoto cameras don’t have a periscope camera on Galaxy S20 Ultra, according to DxOmark

So what was the factor that made the Galaxy S21 Ultra lag behind even the Galaxy S20 Ultra? DxOmark says the most obvious difference in quality between the two devices is in the zoom quality and clearly positions the Galaxy S20 Ultra in front of the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its ratings.

Announced last year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was able to offer 4x optical, 10x hybrid zoom with a single periscope camera lens. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has two different telephoto cameras that can offer 3x and 10x optical zoom, but according to DxOmark, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s single periscope camera offers clearer and less gritty images than the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s dual telephoto camera.

When we look at the detail scores, we see that both smartphones received 128 points in photo quality. In terms of zoom, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which managed to get 88 points, is ahead of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which can only score 76 points. In addition, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which scored 106 points with its video quality, succeeded in beating the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which scored 98, in this category.

Galaxy S21 Ultra lags behind most 2020 flagships at DxOmark

Stating that it only performs video tests at 4K 60fps, DxOmark states that the biggest problem of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in video is image stabilization. As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is among many flagships announced last year, including its predecessor Galaxy S20 Ultra (Huawei Mate 40 Pro + (139), Huawei Mate 40 Pro (136), Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (133), Huawei P40 Pro ( 132), Vivo X50 Pro + (131), iPhone 12 Pro Max (130), iPhone 12 Pro (128), Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (128), OPPO Find X2 Pro (126), Galaxy S20 Ultra (126), Honor 30 Pro + (125), iPhone 11 Pro Max (124), Huawei Mate 30 Pro (123), iPhone 12 Mini (122), iPhone 12 (122), Honor V30 Pro (122)] get a lower score.

In fact, many technology critics who had the opportunity to review the Galaxy S21 Ultra stated that Samsung managed to improve camera performance compared to last year. Our dear readers will decide whether DxOmark or technology critics are right in this regard.


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