Samsung Galaxy S21 presentation: date

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note20 was presented in August 2020, the eyes of the mobile telephony sector have turned to the next member of the Galaxy S series. And it is that Samsung’s strategy is always to launch the new Galaxy S for the first half of the year and the new Galaxy Note for the second.

Samsung has been maintaining this strategy for years, although for the next model in the S series it is going to advance the date, since if we normally saw it presented in February and in stores in March, this time it will be 1 month before.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 dates and times

On January 14, at 4:00 p.m. in Spain, Samsung will celebrate its Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event, in which we will see the new Samsung Galaxy S21 in all its splendor. The Koreans have confirmed it just today, and although as always they have not released a pledge, the information on the network about the next triple A from Samsung has been ‘spreading’ their secrets for some time, as it will be compatible with the family’s S Pen stylus Note.

Depending on where you are in the world, these will be the hours

Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): at 4:00 p.m.
Spain (Canary Islands): at 3:00 p.m.
United States (New York / East Coast): at 10:00 am
United States (San Francisco / West Coast): at 07:00 am
Argentina: at 12:00 pm
Bolivia: at 11:00 am
Brazil: at 12:00 pm
Chile: at 11:00 am
Colombia: at 10:00 am
Costa Rica: at 09:00 am
Cuba: at 11:00 am
Ecuador: at 10:00 am
El Salvador: at 09:00 am
Guatemala: at 09:00 am
Honduras: at 09:00 am
Mexico: at 10:00 am
Nicaragua: at 09:00 am
Panama: at 10:00 am
Paraguay: at 11:00 am
Peru: at 10:00 am
Puerto Rico: at 11:00 am
Dominican Republic: at 11:00 am
Uruguay: at 12:00 pm
Venezuela: at 11:00 am

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