Samsung Galaxy S21, one week underwater test


The Youtube channel Photo Owl Time Lapse, famous for time-lapse videos, decided to test the durability and resistance of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 underwater and the “proof” has been going on for 11 days.

Inside an aquarium, the cell phone is charged via a wireless device connected to the walls of the water tank. The video description says that it was necessary to remove the smartphone twice since the beginning of the test, since the built-in timer does not exceed 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

In addition, the author of the feat also revealed that after 117 hours and 53 minutes underwater, the cell phone showed a moisture detection warning. At that time, the screen was no longer responding and the phone opened several applications on its own. After 241 hours, the speakers no longer function properly.

You can follow the status of the mobile phone live on the channel:

The IP68 rating of the Galaxy S21 is an indication that the phone will survive immersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. Like other IP68-rated manufacturers, Samsung will not honor the warranty if it is damaged by water.


Samsung’s S line is recognized for promising water and dust resistance. The company is in charge of publicizing numerous tests of durability of the models. However, the South Korean company is still struggling to close lawsuits in Australia and the United States over allegations of misleading advertising involving the Galaxy S7, launched in 2016. The IP rating of the cell phone, in fact, did not cover salt water and was not suitable for use in a swimming pool. A collective action by several consumers began against the company.


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