Samsung Galaxy S21 FE To Be Released in July 2021


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung is expected to launch another smartphone on the market in the coming months. This is the Galaxy S21 FE, or Fan Edition, a variant of the current top-of-the-line model from the South Korean manufacturer.

According to the Sam Mobile website, planning to launch the device follows Samsung’s original ideas: the model should hit stores in July 2021, perhaps with sales being rolled out for August this year.

The concern was that the device would be delayed or had a very low stock due to the current crisis in the supply of chips, but at least this launch should not be affected.

Colorful options

Another highlight of the device will be the color variation, with multiple shades that will be available according to the region – the S20 FE, which was launched in October 2020, has six colors available.

According to previous rumors, the S21 FE will have more battery power than the traditional S21. The information was obtained based on internal sources that remained anonymous. So far, there are no indications from Samsung about the presentation of the new model.


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