Samsung Galaxy S21 and S Pen Stylus meet


Samsung Galaxy S21 and S Pen Stylus meet for the first time in the same frame. Galaxy S20 family, which has appeared since February 11, 2020, is about to be out of date. Because the S21 family will be presented to users in February or March of next year.

When we examine the images, we encounter a front panel reminiscent of the Galaxy S20 model. When we look at the back, we see that a camera layout is used, reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20 model.

How will the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S Pen Stylus be a duo?

According to the information received, the new generation Galaxy Note phones will no longer be produced, but the S Pen will continue to accompany these models. The South Korean representative, who managed to obtain 3C certification from China, could not give the expected battery capacity.

It was announced that the batteries produced for the Galaxy S21 models were not signed by Samsung. These batteries were manufactured by a Chinese company named Ningde Amperex Technology Limited.

It is not yet clear which processor will be fed the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra models. It is claimed that these models will be powered by 2 different processors: Exynos 1000 and Snapdragon 875.

The processor named Snapdragon 875 will include Kryo 685 CPU, Adreno 660 GPU and Spectra 580 hardware. Adreno 1095 DPU, Adreno 665 VPU and mmWave infrastructure will also support this processor.

RDNA GPU assists the Exynos 1000 processor. It was revealed that this hardware, which achieved 181 points in the Manhattan 3.1 FPS test, offered 50 percent higher performance than the Adreno 650 graphics unit.

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We will learn more about this smartphone in the coming days. What do you think of the S Pen Stylus, which is said to be produced for the Samsung Galaxy S21? We are waiting your comments.


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