Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus leads as best-selling 5G phone in the first quarter in the U.S.


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 line may not be at the same level of popularity as the models launched in 2019, where the company causes a large part of this failure to reach the expected sales figures due to the fact that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 was decreed in the same period. where South Korean makes the strongest deals on the devices.

Even with no prediction of improvement after controlling the disease, the S20 Plus cell phone achieved some prominence in the United States, managing to become the best selling 5G models in the North American country during the first quarter of this year.

This value is due to the fact that Apple, which is the brand with the highest number of sales in the USA, did not implement the new technology in its models launched last year, otherwise this 5G-related popularity chart would be very different.

The values ‚Äč‚Äčachieved by Samsung’s devices were detailed in the graph released by Strategy Analytics, where the Galaxy S20 Plus managed to have a 40% share in the market, followed by the S20 Ultra and S20 models in the second and third positions, respectively.

Obviously, in practice, this chart represents only a few hundred units, as the 5G mobile market still has a 1% share of smartphone sales in the United States.

In the country there are other brands that have already adopted models with 5G option, such as Motorola, LG, OnePlus and TCL, but it will take a while for this small portion of buyers to spread.


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