Samsung Galaxy S20 FE leaked before its presentation


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is one of the terminals that have sounded the most in recent months. The leaks have come from everywhere in order to provide details about the new mobile of the Korean firm.

They have even confused us with some detail than another, sometimes being a key for many users. But today we are going to see what this complete leak of the Galaxy S20 FE brings us.

The little brother of the Galaxy S20

Everyone already knows all the members of the Galaxy S20 family. The range is placed in a premium segment and within there are different variants that place it in a more or less high ranking. But we have seen that the firm also wants to offer a terminal with capabilities similar to the standard although cutting some parts to make it more affordable. So we could talk about the Galaxy S20 FE that has been leaked in a video on the Internet.

The user Jimmy is Promo has been the one who has revealed some details of the device. As soon as the video begins, he affirms that he still does not know the price of the terminal, something that we will know in the next unpacked of the firm. But let’s focus on what is seen in the video. The beginning is a review of what is seen from the outside. Without going into much detail, we see a terminal with a

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