Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s Camera


Some information about the camera features of the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra phones, which is thought to be released by South Korean technology giant Samsung this summer, has emerged. The most striking point was the zoom feature on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Ice Universe, one of the names known for the insider information in the smartphone world, shared the possible camera features of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra through its Twitter account. Ice Universe had previously revealed accurate information about Samsung phones, so we can say that these claims can be true.

Ice Universe shared information about the zoom feature of the device’s camera in the first tweet about the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. The source said that the zoom feature of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will not be 100x as in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

100x not 50x zoom:

Ice Universe stated that in the tweet he made today, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will have a 50x zoom on the camera of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, as in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Although it is not clear why Samsung made such a choice, this is quite likely due to optimization.

Although the Galaxy S20 Ultra has some pretty impressive features, the use of high zoom ratios combined with the slow focusing main sensor made it a difficult phone to take pictures. It is also stated that the laser depth sensor will be used in the device, which is predicted to help the problem and make it easier to use.

Another piece of information shared by Ice Universe was the cases designed for the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Of course, it is not possible to compare the two devices just by looking at the cases, but the cases reveal a few things about cameras. Looking at the images in the shared tweet, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s rear camera is larger. When we consider the periscope lens and the laser sensor that will take place in the device, we can say that this is quite normal.

There are also various rumors about the camera modules used in the standard model. It is claimed that the Galaxy Note20 will have a 3x zoom telephoto camera used in the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, which seems quite likely when we consider the cases.

Another thing seen from the cases is that the volume up, down and power buttons will be located on the right side of the devices. Allegations include that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will have a curved, Galaxy Note20 will have a flat screen, but it is not possible to tell them by looking at the cases.

Looking at the hardware features, both devices are predicted to have a 120 Hz refresh rate display, 5G connection support and Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 chipset. It is also said that the modified S Pen will have some new features. The differences between the two devices appear in screen sizes and RAM. The Ultra model is expected to have a 6.87 inch display and the standard model a 6.42 inch display.

It is said that these new devices of Samsung will be released on August 5. The South Korean tech giant is expected to introduce Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 2 and Galaxy Tab S7 devices along with the Galaxy Note20.


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