Samsung Galaxy Note20 cameras seen getting fogged


A Samsung Galaxy Note20 user in South Korea has seen the Galaxy Note20’s camera fogged up when it enters an environment with a temperature difference. The user allegedly received a message from Samsung that this event was quite natural.

South Korean technology giant Samsung introduced its new flagship smartphone series Samsung Galaxy Note20 10 days ago. The series of Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra devices can only be purchased with pre-order in our country, but is now available in Korea, the company’s homeland.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series has managed to attract the attention of users in South Korea. People started buying the new flagship line the day it came out. But as often happens some users have started to say that the new smartphone is hosting some issues.

An annoying issue has been detected on Samsung Galaxy Note20:

A South Korean Samsung Galaxy Note20 user, in a post on Samsung’s South Korean community forum, showed that the lenses on the back of the Note20 are completely covered with fog. A few more users stated that they experienced the same problem under the sharing of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 user.

According to the sharing made by the user, the problem was experienced when entering and exiting different environments, such as the transition from hot air to a cold area. The user said in his post on the Korean site Naver that he took the device to Samsung’s service. However, the response of the user from the Samsung service made him very upset.

According to the user’s claim, Samsung could have occurred as a result of the moisture in the environment entering through the air gaps in the device. The moisture then condensed into mist. Samsung said in its message that it could not offer any repair or replacement service because this event was completely natural.

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No statement has been made so far about this problem seen by Samsung on the Galaxy Note20. However, the Samsung message claimed by the user has not shown itself for now. We will only wait to find out if this issue applies to all Galaxy Note20s and if it happens frequently under normal conditions.


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