Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite, First Time Live Viewed


Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite, the new phone that occupies the agenda, the first time viewed live bloody. Images revealed via a YouTube channel clearly show the Galaxy Note10 Lite’s rectangular camera installation and S Pen support.

Samsung, the South Korean technology giant, is currently on the agenda with a new phone called Galaxy Note10 Lite. The company didn’t usually use such a method in the Galaxy Note series, but this time it didn’t work as expected, and Samsung decided to produce an intermediate model. In addition, the phone will be launched soon, and consumers will be able to start experiencing the Galaxy Note10 Lite.

A YouTube channel, TechTalkTV, is often known for its technology videos. The channel has now shared on Twitter and shared the first true images of the Galaxy Note10 Lite. The S Pen, one of the iconic equipment of the Galaxy Note series, manages to find its place in the sharing of TechTalkTV.

The front of the Galaxy Note10 Lite is very similar to the Galaxy Note10. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note10 Lite will come with a screen with slim bezels, which will have a small front camera hole. According to rumors, the Galaxy Note10 Lite, which will have an aspect ratio of 20: 9, will be a seriously long phone, and the images shared by TechTalkTV support this rumor.

The images shared by TechTalkTV also make clear the Galaxy Note10 Lite’s rear camera installation. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note10 Lite triple camera installation, will be rectangular design.

Other specs of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Galaxy Note10 Lite are rumored to be powered by the Exynos 9810 processor, with a fingerprint reader on the screen, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and power to the phone. The battery will be 4.500 mAh in size.

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