Samsung: Galaxy Note 21 launch postponed!


Hard blow for Samsung! The company was hoping to release its Galaxy Note 21 before Christmas 2021, but the smartphone is expected to arrive later …

So there won’t be a Galaxy Note 21 next year! Samsung was indeed hoping to release its new smartphone before Christmas 2021… But the firm is too late. We will therefore have to wait until 2022 to afford it!

Indeed, the Korean brand has already planned a lot of releases for the year 2022. At the top of the list, the Galaxy S21, already in the boxes … And of which we can even find some details on the Internet.

Enough to give an idea of ​​the savings to be made next year, so … But for those who were waiting for the successor to the Galaxy Note 20, they may have to wait. Samsung may push it back!

A heartbreak for the fans, but also for the company … Because the year 2020 will have had a big economic impact. She deplores a drop in sales, in part due to the covid.

Containment and production delays have forced Samsung to revise its targets downwards … Max Weinbarch therefore announces a postponement of the Galaxy Note 21 for next year on Twitter.


This time, it is therefore a spearhead that must step aside for a little while … A decision by the Korean company undoubtedly linked to the Covid. Because sales at the end of the year will not be as usual …

With a very harsh Christmas, even confined to some places, Samsung did not want to rush the Galaxy Note 21. The tactic would therefore be to see how the year 2021 unfolds, hoping it will be better.

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The brand therefore plans to release 7 phones during the 12 months of 2022. A big pace, with, above all, the series of all the S21s, but also of the 2 Folds. Hoping to quickly get back to the usual standards!

Samsung therefore decides to bet much more on 2022 than on 2021 … With the postponement of the Galaxy Note 21, this strategy seems to be confirmed. To see next year!


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