Samsung Galaxy M51 Takes First Place in Battery Test


Samsung Galaxy M51: This Wednesday (19), Samsung announced the result of the Galaxy M51 battery test conducted by DXOMARK. According to the South Korean, the main evaluation criterion was its performance in applications that demand more performance and energy. Thanks to its 7,000 mAh battery, the cell phone was ranked first in the ranking of the evaluator site.

According to the statement, DXOMARK defined the autonomy of use of the Galaxy M51 as “monstrous”: the cell phone was able to withstand almost two days, with seven hours of active use each, and more than three days with less intense use. , with four hours of average use for each. As a result, the M51 achieved a score of 96 points in the “autonomy” category and 88 points in the overall battery concept.

In addition, the Galaxy M51 battery has support for fast 25W charging and wired power sharing, which makes it possible to recharge other devices using a USB-C cable.

The assertiveness of the test was guaranteed by the method adopted, which had the support of a robot to simulate the daily use of an average user. In addition to opening applications and making ringtones, the device also made video calls and went through a “rest”, which would simulate its user’s eight hours of sleep.

According to the results, the least favored side of the Galaxy M51‘s battery is the recharge department: with only 61 points on its score, the device did not do well in the charging speed assessments. Taking about 30 minutes to charge 32% of capacity, 1 hour to reach 80% and up to 2 hours and 25 minutes to reach 100%, the cell phone was considered average in this respect.


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