Samsung Galaxy M51 ‘superbateria’ in Anatel


Samsung Galaxy M51, Anatel’de ‘superbater’Smartphones with powerful batteries hardly go unnoticed and recently, Samsung, surprising consumers, confirmed the launch of the Galaxy M51, which carries a 7,000 mAh component. Initially restricted to some markets, the novelty, speculated for a long time, has everything to arrive in Brazil, since, this week, Anatel approved the device.

It is not yet known if the national version will have the same configurations presented abroad (octa-core Snapdragon 730 processor, in addition to four rear cameras, a front, 6.67-inch screen and 6 GB of RAM), considering that to the south -Korean usually adopts Exynos chips in our territory.

In any case, the commercialization of the model SM-M515F / DSN has already been approved. Prices were not disclosed, but the expectation is that they are slightly higher than the R $ 1,999 officially charged by the Galaxy M31.

Therefore, we can only wait for the giant’s next steps and check, soon, what the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy M51 will be, with Full HD + resolution and more powerful than other devices in the company’s intermediary family.

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