Samsung Galaxy Fold Sales Figures Announced


Samsung Galaxy Fold Sales Figures Announced. Speaking in Berlin, Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn, said they sold 1 million Galaxy Fold. Approximately 2 thousand dollars, while the target was exceeded 500 thousand units of phone targeted.

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, Samsung Electronics President Young Sohn, October in their ‘500 thousand Samsung Galaxy Fold sale’ estimates despite the sale of 1 million phones announced. Sohn, Samsung Galaxy Fold’un reminded that $ 2,000 “The issue is that we sell 1 million units of this product. 1 million people want to use this product of $ 2000,” he said.

The current debate in Disrupt Berlin was about growth through innovation. Speaking about sales figures, Sohn also announced Samsung’s process of launching the product to get feedback. According to Sohn, the company can’t get the input it needs, as long as the company keeps devices like Galaxy Fold in the lab. The fact that Galaxy Fold has received a lot of feedback also strengthens Sohn’s thesis.

When Samsung announced its foldable device in early 2019, there were few foldable smartphones on the market. After its release in April, many users gave feedback on problems with the Galaxy Fold. After working on the device again soon, Samsung released the Galaxy Fold again in September.

The new Galaxy Fold is said to be more robust than before, although some display problems persist. It is said that Samsung aims to sell 6 million foldable devices in 2020.

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