Samsung Galaxy F41 features and design leaked!


It was revealed that Samsung, one of the leading brands in the smart phone market, will come up with a new series. It was learned that this series will also be developed camera-oriented. Now, some details have become clear for the first member of the expected new family. Samsung Galaxy F41 features and design leaked.

First phone of Samsung’s new camera-focused series: Samsung Galaxy F41 will be

Attracting the attention of consumers with its variety of models, Samsung will aim to stand out in the competition with the camera-focused Galaxy F41 this time. Many details of this device, which will be located in the middle segment, have already come to light.

The first noticeable leak was the design of the phone. Below you can see the leaked visual of the device, which comes across with the drop notch structure that we are used to from other models of the brand.

The information leaked yesterday for Samsung Galaxy F41 features included screen details. However, to go over briefly; The screen resolution of the device will be FHD + and the DPI value will be 420. In addition, the phone will appear with AMOLED technology.

The smartphone will be powered by the Exynos 9611 processor. This processor of the brand; We also see it in Galaxy M31 and A51 models. Exynos 9611, which came out of the 10 nm production process and has an 8-core structure, has Cortex A73 cores at 2.3 GHz clock speed and Cortex A53 cores at 1.7 GHz. According to the leaks, the RAM capacity of the phone will also be 6 GB. You can also see the performance test of the Galaxy F41 that was revealed just yesterday below.

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We see a triple setup on the back of this device, which will be camera-focused. Details about these cameras are not yet clear. However, it turned out that the main camera will have a resolution of 64 Megapixels.

The expected range for the price of the phone, which is expected to come out of the box with Android 10, was between $ 200-270. No official announcement has been made for the release date yet, but the Galaxy F41 may be officially announced next month.


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