Samsung Galaxy Buds Wins 3 New Features with the Latest Update


South Korean tech giant Samsung has released a new software update for its wireless headphones Galaxy Buds. The published update offers users 3 new and effective features.

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced new 2020 flagships at an event organized on February 11. Among the products announced by the company were the Galaxy S20 family and the Galaxy Z Flip, as well as the company’s new wireless headphones Galaxy Buds +. The company has now released a software update for their wireless headphones. The released update enhances the functionality of Galaxy Buds headphones.

Samsung’s new software update for Galaxy Buds brings 3 new features to Galaxy Buds models. These new features; On the one hand, it allows Galaxy Buds to be connected to the computer, and on the other hand, it enables automatic use of the ‘Ambient Sound’ feature. In addition, Galaxy Buds’ new software update brings new and functional movement to the headphones.

Galaxy Buds comes with new software update and Microsoft Swift Pair feature
Samsung’s new software update for Galaxy Buds allows Galaxy Buds to be easily paired with Windows 10 computers with the Microsoft Swift Pair feature. In this way, consumers will easily pair their wireless headphones to their computers and will be able to use their Galaxy Buds to both listen to music and use video calling applications.

Enhanced Ambient Sound feature
The new software update makes the Ambient Sound feature of the Galaxy Buds even more functional. So much so that consumers can now use this feature automatically or adjust it according to their own needs. In this way, consumers will be able to easily hear the sounds around them while listening to music or watching movies.

Listening to playlists with a single tap
The most impressive features of the wireless headphones are the ability to apply certain commands with little touches. Here, Galaxy Buds also have these features, and the latest update for these wireless headphones brings a new touch command feature for consumers. So much so that a new tap-and-hold gesture added to the Galaxy Buds allows consumers to start playing a Spotify playlist automatically.

The Galaxy Buds update offered by Samsung to the users can be installed via an application called “Galaxy Wearable”. If you also have Samsung’s latest headphone models, you can make this update using the Galaxy Wearable application and start using Galaxy Buds in a more functional way.


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