Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wins cases with retro design


Launched last Thursday (14), the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headset has just won a new case option, with a retro design and quite different from the conventional accessory that was presented at last week’s event.

Available in two versions, the new cover for Galaxy Buds Pro headphones has a look inspired by two classic cell phone models from the South Korean giant, which were very successful in the early 2000s: the Anycall T100 and Anycall E700 phones.

In a shell format, the cases manufactured by Samsung are very reminiscent of old devices on which the company sought inspiration to design them, including bringing a replica of the cell phone screens, which show the battery level, the hours and the date, in addition count on other interesting details.

The Anycall T100 case, which weighs 35g and is available in white, even has a small stem at the top, imitating the old phone antenna. The Anycall E700 model, a little heavier (40g) and offered in blue, has a hole above the display, referring to the camera of the original device.

Exclusives for South Korea

The retro cases of the Galaxy Buds Pro are being offered as gifts for those who buy Samsung’s new wireless headphones at physical stores that partner with the brand in South Korea until January 31.

For those who buy the headset in the online store of the manufacturer in the Asian country, each case can be purchased for the equivalent of about US $ 30 (or R $ 158 in direct conversion, at the quotation of the day). It is not yet known whether optional accessories will be marketed in other markets.

It is worth remembering that the Galaxy Buds Pro is already on sale with the original case also in the United States, at a price of US $ 199 (just over R $ 1,000, in today’s price, without considering taxes).


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