Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have space audio feature


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headset must have a spatial audio feature. As the North American website 9to5Google points out, the information was leaked in one of the recent updates of the brand’s application.

Like 3D audio, the format brings an immersive experience for using headphones. Thus, the technology precisely fixes the source of the sound and, if the user moves his head, the reproduced audio will sound as if it were coming from the location of the device.

According to the data found in the app update, the new functionality will allow users to hear “a vivid and engaging sound from all directions”. The leaked images also highlight an “3D audio for videos” option.

Today, space audio is one of the differentials of Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Therefore, using the feature is a way for Samsung to enter the competition for special technologies for headphones.

In addition to the new feature, the recent leak revealed that Galaxy Buds Pro will have a function to detect voice. Thus, the headset will automatically decrease the audio volume when it identifies that the user is talking.


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