Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro launches


Along with the new family of smartphones Galaxy S21, Samsung announced, this Thursday (14), the fourth generation of wireless headsets Galaxy Buds. The ball is the Galaxy Buds Pro, and we had the opportunity to get to know him more closely with all the necessary security measures.

With IPX7 certification of water resistance (1 meter of water for 30 minutes), the box of the true wireless headset has a design inspired by that of its direct predecessor, Buds Live. Although the case has that shape that resembles a jewelry box, the headphones themselves returned home: they left the “beans” aside and resumed a format more similar to that of the previous Buds.

This information takes us to the main difference between Buds Live and Pro: while the first noise-canceling model launched by Samsung was open and was only supported on the ear, the Pro uses the ear canal to fix itself, bringing more of this positive point of physical seal to improve noise cancellation. The in-ear fit really gives the earphones a greater sense of security.

Galaxy Buds Pro has two speakers in each module, a 6.5 mm tweeter for treble and an 11 mm woofer for bass and midrange. In addition, it has three microphones: one internal to capture the voice inside the ear canal and two external, one of which has RSR to suppress background noise in the environment.

Noise cancellation promises to block 99% of external noise and has an adjustable function that understands the ambient sound and reduces the music when you are talking to someone, for example. In addition, as rumors have already indicated, Galaxy Buds Pro has 360 audio, which allows for a more immersive experience with the feeling that the sound is coming from all directions.

The summary of the opera is that the great differentials of the Pro version of the phone from Samsung are the artificial intelligence applied to noise cancellation, more speakers to improve the sound quality and more comfortable design.

The battery life promise is up to 18 hours in the case, with 5 hours of continuous music. Until the closing of this text, Samsung had not announced the price of Galaxy Buds Pro, but we know that soon it should arrive in Brazil.

In the USA, however, the product starts to be sold tomorrow (15) for US $ 199, equivalent to R $ 1,040 in today’s price, excluding taxes.


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