Samsung Galaxy Buds + Good Deal: 62% Discount


This is a great promotion for a connected product designed by Samsung, champion of new technologies. Today, it is its Galaxy Buds + which is benefiting from a 62% drop at Rakuten.

Samsung has been the leader in telephony for a long time. Enough to win ahead of the biggest competitors in the market, such as Huawei or Apple, which has imagined a foldable iPhone with a screen capable of repairing itself. But as a good multinational, Samsung offers other connected products, considered premium. This is particularly the case of its connected headphones, with a multitude of models that delight consumers. And today, it’s the Galaxy Buds + that are offered at 62% reduction at Rakuten! A good plan not to be missed that you can find below.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds + connected headphones are priced at 94.42 euros, compared to 249.99 euros usually, a drop observed on October 5 at 9:30 p.m., of 62%. Not to mention that promotional codes are available at this address, ideal for lowering the price of this premium model a little more. The Galaxy Buds + offers two speakers with AKG sound, crisp audio quality, three microphones for better calls, 11 hours of battery life with one charge (a charging case is included). If you are rather eyeing the Apple side, AirPods Pro are also down.

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