Samsung Galaxy Air Buds Pro inspired by Adidas


Tech gadgets and accessories also show a part of you. Some only have the color options that manufacturers offer, while others you can change their appearance. In the case of the Galaxy Air Buds Pro you have little to choose from, at least until now with the arrival of the Stan Smith edition with the legendary design of the clothing firm.

Load your Air Buds Pro into an Adidas ‘cap’

Lovers of accessories cannot go out without something that gives them that personal touch. We are no longer talking about the mobile phone case, but about a cap, sunglasses or sneakers with an exclusive design. In fact, it is not necessary to have the latest of the latest to stand out, since some bet on the retro style that brings back memories for many.

Maybe if we mention Stan Smith it may not sound familiar to you, but if we talk about what Adidas’s design is for its sneakers in 1973 it may already sound familiar. The typical ones were white or black and now they have returned with new designs. But this style not only applies to shoes, but to a whole line of accessories that the sports brand puts at your disposal. But you might not expect Adidas and Samsung to collaborate to bring out the Galaxy Buds Pro Stan Smith.

In essence, the Korean firm’s headphones do not change at all. They have external noise cancellation and also provide comfort with their new insert. The big difference with respect to the standard series is marked by this new style that we are talking about, where it changes the violet, silver or black for a silver design on the outside and white on the inside. On the other hand, to become a collector’s item, the presentation box is similar to the shoes. Inside you will have a cap that acts as a box for the headphones and battery. As for its price, for about 250 euros and, at least for the moment, it will only be marketed in South Korea.

Samsung and brands

This collaboration between Samsung and Adidas to make the new design of the Air Buds Pro is just one of many. Let’s remember that with the Kpop BTS band they made a special Galaxy S20 + and, as one of the most important special editions, we have the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne that has been marketed in our country.


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