Samsung Galaxy A82 5G: floating camera rumors


And it seems that Samsung will return to deliver to the public the complete line A, just as it was in the first generation. That’s because the company may be working on the development of the Galaxy A82 5G device, where several new features can be implemented in the photographic part to differentiate it from the others.

Among the features that can come with the premium intermediary phone is the technology that allows the use of a sliding front camera module, something that may be close to what the Chinese manufacturer Oppo applied to the Find X model.

In July 2019, Samsung brought to Brazil the Galaxy A80 smartphone, whose main differential was the rotating camera, which allowed it to be used for photos of third parties and objects, as well as selfies.

However, the cell phone ended up not having the expected result, since the mechanism had many defects and this ended up affecting sales negatively, causing it to fall in price quickly, from the initial R $ 3,499 and started to be found up to R $ 1,799 during the past year.

With that, the public ended up being “orphaned” by a new version in 2020, since the Galaxy A81 never left the paper, and it would be a bet without differentiated mechanisms of the brand. Taking this into account, it seems that Samsung has rethought its strategy and abandoned the rotating mode to possibly adopt the sliding format.

Now, we can only wait for more leaks to know if the rumor pointed out by the Galaxy Club matches what is to come or not, since many speculations should start circulating regarding the A82 5G cell phone from now on.


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